Neuropathology is the study of diseases of the nervous system, and typically includes the laboratory analysis of tissue samples for personalized diagnosis or forensic investigations. Neuropathologists are the physicians/scientists who provide cellular and molecular diagnoses and conduct research in this field; common areas of study are brain tumors, Alzheimer disease, stroke, muscular dystrophies, infections, and brain development. Our association is the AANP and our official journal is the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurolog..... Read More

Message from Our President

A virtual conclusion of the AANP 2020 Annual Meeting with a real knock of a gavel marked the end of a meeting that will, no doubt, be an inflection point in our history. During these challenging, and often isolating times, it was a genuine pleasure to see my colleagues and friends admixed with many new “faces” from around North America and beyond. The rapidly organized virtual meeting covered a breadth of topics and allowed our many presenters to share their knowledge and important scientific work with a record number of attendees. The COVID Pandemic has pushed many organizations, including the AANP, into new models of working/learning. Some of the changes will be enduring, while others will have served their purpose as a bridge to the “new normal”. The AANP will be assessing the lessons of the first-ever entirely virtual meeting and the transformative implications. The in-person connections that are so important for our personal and professional well-being will hopefully resume at the 97th Annual AANP Meeting in St. Louis (June 10-13, 2021).

Please thank Dr. Dan Brat for his leadership of AANP and remote moderating of a historic meeting during these unsettled times. Dr. Eileen Bigio, Dr. Eddie Lee, and the Education Committee’s work to gracefully transition the annual meeting to virtual while maintaining the CME opportunities, is both commendable and demonstrative of how the volunteer work of our members is the soul of the AANP.

R. Ross Reichard, MD
AANP President


2021 Annual Meeting of AANP

June 10-13, 2021
St. Louis, Missouri

The 97th Annual Meeting will be a hybrid event, held in-person and live-streamed virtually.

Registration is now open! Visit the Meetings page for more information. Book your hotel room here