(Charter Member Annual Breakfast Meeting, 2016)

August 7, 2009

Diagnostic Slide Session Bylaws 
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1. The Diagnostic Slide Session (DSS) affiliated with the American Association of Neuropathologists (AANP), is an independent self-governing and self-perpetuating organization that has as its purpose the presentation to and discussion with fellow Neuropathologists and trainees of educational, interesting, rare, or otherwise noteworthy cases of human or animal diagnostic material whether obtained at surgery or autopsy at the time of the annual meeting of the AANP.

2. The officers of the DSS are the Moderator and the Manager. There is also and advisory group, the Charter Members.

3. The Moderator presides at the presentations at the annual meeting of the AANP, selects the cases for presentation, presides at the annual meeting of the Charter Members, appoints the Manager and the members of the Charter Members, and makes all other decisions relative to the DSS in consultation with the current or former Moderator(s), Manager(s), or member(s) of the Charter Members. The Moderator also appoints the successor Moderator, in consultation with the current or former Moderator(s), Manager(s), or member(s) of the Charter Members.

4. The Manager maintains the accounts of the DSS, receiving and disbursing funds for incurred expenses, opens and closes bank accounts or such other financial instruments needed for the purposes of the DSS; and performs other functions as needed under the direction of the Moderator. All accounts and instruments must be available to the Moderator or the Manager each individually.

5. The expenses of the Moderator and Manager for attendance at the annual meeting of the AANP are normally paid by the DSS.

6. The Moderator and Manager report on their activities, including a current financial report,annually to a meeting of the Charter Members. With the concurrence of greater than 50% of the Charter Members, funds may be paid to the AANP for use in any manner deemed appropriate by the AANP. In addition, a copy of the financial report is submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the AANP, for inclusion as part of the AANP financial report.

7. The DSS will use the Tax Identification Number of the AANP for its financial reports, with the agreement of the AANP.


R.L. Davis, M.D.