Diagnostic Slide Session of the 
American Association of Neuropathologists


Mission Statement


To provide a forum for Neuropathologists to present and discuss challenging cases of diagnostic relevance. The venue will foster debate regarding important interpretive elements in diagnostic neuropathology. Reference slides will be collated and archived for use in diagnostic, teaching and research programs of constituent Neuropathologists.

Charter Members, Diagnostic Slide Session, 2019 Annual Meeting

(Drs. Mark Cohen, Anthony Yachnis, Tessa Hedley-Whyte, Leroy Sharer, Rebecca Folkerth, Arie Perry, Caterina Giannini, Clayton Wiley, Amyn Rojiani, Ed Johnson, Scott Vandenberg, Kathy Newell)

The diagnostic slide session has been a part of the annual meeting of the AANP since 1959.  A complete archive of cases has been created and is kindly hosted by the University of Pittsburgh.  Pull-down tabs are available under the DSS tab above.

Diagnostic Slide Session of the Hybrid 97th AANP Annual Meeting

2021 DSS Glass Slide Boxes are now available for purchase via this form

The DSS case submission deadline is January 8th, 2021. Please provide a brief clinical summary and the key diagnostic points by e-mail as a short PowerPoint presentation or Word document.  A representative H&E stained slide and one unstained slide should be sent via mail to Dr. Giannini at the following address:


Caterina Giannini
Mayo Clinic
Pathology Department
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905


Please let the moderator know if the submitted case has sufficient tissue to prepare glass slides for the “glass slide boxes”.  Small biopsies of interest are also welcome for consideration and will be posted using virtual microscopy. Contributors will be notified of the decision in early February. 

Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2021 at the DSS in St. Louis! 

Diagnostic Slide Session of the Virtual 96th AANP Annual Meeting
Eleven cases were presented with full discussion. The slides and clinical protocols are available online at this link.

This year, 5 of the 11 cases, which were presented on Saturday, June 13th, at the Virtual Annual Meeting of the American Association of Neuropathologists, had sufficient tissue to prepare glass slides for the “glass slide boxes”.