Professional Affairs

Overview (Constitutional Guidelines for PAC)

The Vice-President for Professional Affairs shall be chairman of the Professional Affairs Committee. He shall keep the Association informed in all professional affairs affecting the practice, including teaching, research, training and certification in neuropathology. Subject to the wishes of the President, he may represent the Association at meetings with representatives of other organizations, public or private, in the pursuit of information pertaining to professional affairs. The members of the Professional Affairs Committee shall be licensed to practice medicine and shall be actively engaged in the practice of neuropathology. Members of the Professional Affairs Committee, including its Chairman, may serve as such for up to five years.

Frequently asked questions about Maintenance of Certification (MOC) and results of Member Surveys may be found here.

Operational Guidelines of the AANP Professional Affairs Committee  

Pathologists Protest Defense Site's Closure (2007)

This article, used in conjunction with our grassroots efforts, will help bolster our position on the Hill. To view the full article please use the following link.

Current Members of the Professional Affairs Committee

Kathy L. Newell, MD, Chair (2012 - )

Eileen H. Bigio, MD (2012 - )

Daniel J. Brat, MD, PhD (2012 - )

William H. Yong, MD (2012 - )

Mariarita Santi-Vicini, MD, PhD (2013 - )

Steven Dubner, MD (2013 - )

Doug Anthony, MD, PhD (2014 - )

Bradley Miller, MD, PhD (2015 - )

Leomar Y. Ballester, MD, PhD* (2016 - )

*Affiliate Member