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AANP welcomes all physicians, scientists, and advocates to become members of the Association. There are a number of membership categories, and we hope that you can find the one most suitable for you. For questions about the application process please contact the AANP Administrator or Membership Chair, Peter Pytel, M.D.

Membership Categories

Please review the definition of membership categories below to find the one suitable for you. Please note that applications can only be made for the active, junior and associate categories. AANP designates honorary and senior membership status, but current members may contact the membership committee to request a senior status.  When you apply, you will need a PDF of your curriculum vitae, and a PDF of a letter from a current active member of the AANP (Sponsor letter).  If you do not know the AANP members in your area, please email the AANP office for the name of a potential sponsor (


Active members shall be graduates in medicine or veterinary medicine or hold doctoral degrees in pathology or neuropathology or a related field practice. Members with clinical training would typically be expected to have completed their residency/fellowship while basic scientists would be expected to have completed their postdoctoral fellowship training.  They shall have made original contributions to neuropathology or neurological sciences, applied or experimental.  Active members shall have full voting privileges and the right to be elected and serve as officers and councilors of the Association and to serve on committees.  The current annual Active Membership fee is $350, and includes all the benefits of membership.


Junior members shall be trainees engaged in the study of neuropathology including residents, fellows, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows.  Members in this category are expected to transition to active membership after completion of their training.  Junior members are eligible to hold positions on committees as stated in Section 6.10.  Junior members may not serve as officers and councilors nor do they hold voting privileges.  Annual Junior Membership dues are $175.


Associate members shall be individuals with an interest in neurological sciences who are not currently in a training program and do not hold a doctoral degree.  Associate members cannot be elected to serve as officers and councilors; they do not have voting privileges; they may serve on committees as guests at the discretion of the chair and Executive Council.  Annual Associate Membership dues are $45.


Honorary members shall be exceptionally distinguished investigators or teachers in the field of the neurological sciences. They shall not be eligible to hold office or vote in the Association, and shall be exempt from the payment of dues.



Senior members shall be former active members who upon full retirement from active professional life have requested and been granted this status. The Executive Council shall, upon appropriate recommendation of the Membership Committee, grant such individual members “senior” membership status and exempt them from payment of dues. Senior members are entitled to all previous membership privileges; however, the AANP does require 50 percent payment of a subscription to the Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology

Application, Election of Members and Deadlines

  1. Candidates for active, junior, associate and honorary membership shall be nominated in writing by an active member of the Association. 
  2. Applicants for active, junior and associate membership shall submit a completed web-based application form together with their curriculum vitae and the names of the candidate's nominator to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee. The nominator shall submit one letter of recommendation to the Chairperson of the Membership Committee. 
  3. Candidates for Honorary Membership shall have submitted on their behalf two explanatory letters from two Active Members of the Association. 
  4. Completed applications received by the Chairperson at least two weeks prior to March 1, July 1 and November 1 will be reviewed by the Membership Committee shortly after these dates. Following approval by at least two-thirds of the committee membership, the recommendation will be electronically submitted to the Executive Council and membership for approval.  
  5. Please have ready a recent curriculum vitae and reference letter(s) from sponsors (active members in good standing of the AANP who will write letters in support of your membership).

For Active Members Seeking Senior Status:

Any member in good standing who anticipates retirement may request in writing a change in status to the senior category.  Members in good standing shall be current in their dues.  The request should be submitted to the Membership Committee for approval. The Committee's recommendation will be communicated to the Executive Council. Requests may be made via the AANP website. Please contact Membership Chair, Peter Pytel, M.D.

For Newly Elected Members:

Elected new members will be notified and listed in the AANP Newsletter and Membership Directory.

Please have ready a recent curriculum vitae and reference letter (s) from sponsors (active members in good standing of the AANP who will write letters in support of your membership).

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Address correspondence to:

Peter Pytel, M.D.
University of Chicago Hospitals
1476 East 56th Street
Chicago, IL 60637-1866

Phone: 773-288-7984
Email: Peter Pytel, M.D.