Jobs Board

Below is a list of neuropathology staff positions available.  If you are interested in neuropathology fellowship positions, please click here. 

Neuropathology Staff Positions Available

ALLEGHENY HEALTH NETWORK, Pittsburgh, PA. Contact Dr. Jan Silverman at [email protected] (Posted Jan 11, 2018)

ARKANA LABORATORIES, Little Rock, AR.  Clinical Neuropathologist with experience and strong interest in muscle and nerve biopsies. Please submit CV to Jon D. Wilson at [email protected] (Posted Oct 2, 2018)

BAYSTATE MEDICAL CENTER, Springfield, MA. Contact David Gang, MD at [email protected] (Posted April 16, 2018)

BROWN ALPERT MEDICAL SCHOOL, Providence, RI. Director of Neuropathology. Apply online. Contact Lissi Marte with questions about the online application. (Posted January 16, 2019)

CAROLINAS PATHOLOGY GROUP, Charlotte, NC. Contact through website: (Posted Jan 11, 2018)

DARTMOUTH-HITCHCOCK MEDICAL CENTER, Lebanon, NH. Neuropathologist. Apply online.

GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, Washington, DC. Contact Dr. Donald Karcher at [email protected] or apply online. (Posted Nov 9, 2017)

HENRY FORD HEALTH SYSTEM, Detroit, MI. Contact Dr. Richard Zarbo at [email protected] (Posted Feb 20, 2018)

LOUISIANA STATE UNIV, Shreveport, LA. Contact Dr. Guillermo Herrara at [email protected] (posted April 3, 2017)

MAYO CLINIC, Rochester, MN. Contact Rafael E. Jimenez, M.D., Vice Chair , 200 First Street SW, Rochester, MN 55905 (Updated May 8, 2018)

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY FEINBERG SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Chicago, IL. Neurodegenerative neuropathologist. Contact Daniel Brat, MD, PhD, Magerstadt Professor and Chairman by applying to the Faculty Recruiting System (Posted January 8, 2019)

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY FEINBERG SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Chicago, IL. Academic neuropathologist. Apply to the Faculty Recruiting System (Posted February 15, 2019)

OHIO STATE UNIV COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. Prefers candidate with interest in neurodegenerative disease. Contact Dr. Jose Otero at [email protected] (Updated June 14, 2018)

PHOENIX CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, Phoenix, AZ. Pediatric Neuropathologist. Contact Nathan R. Milnor for application. Contact Dr. Megan K. Dishop for position inquiries (Posted March 25, 2019)

RUSH UNIV MEDICAL CENTER, Chicago, IL. Contact Dr. Vijaya Reddy at [email protected] (Updated June 14, 2018)

RUSH UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER - ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE CENTER, Chicago, IL. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - Neurology. Please send cover letter and CV to Tracy Faulkner or Apply online. (Posted January 28, 2019)

STANDFORD UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Stanford, CA. Physician Scientist in Neuropathology. Apply online. (Posted August 30, 2018)

SUNY BUFFALO, Buffalo, NY. Contact Dr. John Tomaszewski at [email protected] (Posted Feb 14, 2018)

UNIV OF CA DAVIS HEALTH SYSTEM, Sacramento, CA. Full-time academic neuropathologist. Apply online. (Posted Oct. 16, 2018)

UNIV OF CA IRVINE. Assistant Professor, tenure track. Apply online. (Posted March 9, 2018)

UNIV OF CA IRVINE. Neuropathology Division Director (tenured associate or full professor). Apply online. (Posted March 9, 2018)

UNIV OF CA SAN FRANCISCO. Experimental Neuropathologist with Expertise in Autism. Apply online. (Posted June 26, 2017)

UNIV OF CA SAN FRANCISCO. Experimental Neuropathologist. (Posted April 2, 2019)

UNIV OF IOWA, Iowa City, IA. Apply online. (Posted October 19, 2018)

UNIV OF MISSISSIPPI, Jackson, MS. Contact Dr. Timothy Allen at Dept of Path, Univ of Miss, 2500 N State St., Jackson, MS 39216 (Posted November 13, 2018)

UNIV OF MISSOURI, Columbia, MO. Apply online. (Posted Sept 28, 2018)

UNIV OF NEBRASKA, Omaha, NE Contact Dr. Steven Hinrichs, at [email protected] (Posted 2/23/2018)

UNIV OF ROCHESTER, Rochester, NY. Contact Dr. Bruce Smoller, c/o [email protected] (Posted April 19, 2018)

WEILL CORNELL MEDICAL COLLEGE, New York, NY. Contact Karen Gardiner, recruiter, at [email protected] (Updated June 14, 2018)

YALE UNIV, New Haven, CT. Position(s) in neurodegenerative research. Contact Dr. Pallavi Gopal at [email protected] (Posted April 4, 2018)